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Sandy Spin Slade: Beyond Basketball

a film by Lorre Fritchy

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Sandy 'Spin' Slade: Beyond Basketball is a 54-minute documentary following world-renowned basketball entertainer and speaker, Sandy Slade. Celebrated as one of the best basketball handlers in the world, Sandy 'Spin' Slade's even greater gift is her electrifying connection with people. Using basketball to relate personal stories of doubt, determination and triumph, Slade inspires millions at halftimes, assemblies and special events. Beyond Basketball reveals the unique profession and undeniable aura of an individual who stuns with her skill and motivates with her message.

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About The Subject: Spinning since she was 12, the fortysomething Slade is considered one of the best basketball handlers in the world. But beyond that, she has seen the ups and downs of entertaining, been an unsung heroine of basketball, and carved a niche career for herself most people would find impossible.

Slade's phenomenal ballhandling abilities easily get audiences hooked. At physical education and industry conferences, a video of Slade's highlights plays repeatedly at her booth. Once passers-by catch a glimpse of Sandy in action, they come to a halt every single time, mesmerized until the video loops around again. There is no question what Slade does is addictive eye candy.

The luxury of the documentary is in its ability to push past that to reveal Slade is much more than a one-trick pony. Before each show, she prepares items such as basketballs of varying sizes, a hula hoop, juggling balls, and even pudding. This strange assortment forms an arsenal Slade uses to gain the undivided attention of audiences of all ages. What she can't set up, though, is the very thing she wants their attention for: her message.

She relates stories of being discouraged from her goal, experiencing sheer terror before her first NBA halftime performance (the Chicago Bulls), and the constant challenge of convincing strangers she is booked 300+ days a year spinning basketballs.

Sandy Slade's enthusiasm and sincerity appeal to a broad range of people, whether they're basketball fans or not. But basketball is merely the vehicle Slade uses to get an audience's focus, making it a bridge for her to communicate the idea of hard work, believing in yourself, and blazing your own trail.

Through interviews, photographs, on-the-road shows and audience testimony, Sandy 'Spin' Slade: Beyond Basketball proves that not only can you make a living doing what you love -- whatever that may be -- but you can inspire others along the way.

Basketball is her language, but her message is universal.

Honored by the Academy of Video Arts & Sciences with a
Creative Excellence Award of Merit

Beyond Basketball is more than simply a biography -- it exudes the passion, charisma and self-confidence of Sandy 'Spin' Slade in a way that is inspiring. Even if you start out a skeptic, by the end you are absolutely captivated by the magic of what she does.

What an athlete! What an awesome inspiration! Sandy Slade is the embodiment of "Yes you can!" and "Follow your dreams!" Radiating enthusiasm and modeling hard work, Sandy's got a message for all ages and genders.
-National Coalition of Girls' Schools

Audiences young and old are absolutely thrilled not only by Sandy's basketball wizardry, but also by her story and by the passion she has. Her work ethic is as solid as any I've ever seen.
-Ann Meyers Drysdale, Basketball Hall of Famer

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